Over the years H.N. Lucas & Son has developed a broad range of capabilities based on improved technology and the increasing demands of customers in aerospace, defense, and commercial manufacturing. Using the latest equipment we are able to handle a broad variety of materials and quantities, small and large to assist any of your manufacturing needs.

Our machined parts are produced using CNC milling, drilling and turning, cylindrical and surface grinding and EDM. We are experienced in manufacturing small and large assemblies, prototypes and machining castings. We are familiar working with a variety of metals including: aluminum, carbon and alloy steels, OFE 101 copper, all classes of stainless steel, castings, brass, cupronickel, monel, kovar and plastics.

For your convenience our company uses certified subcontractors for off-site sheet metal work, welding, plating, painting, powder coating, double disc grinding, blanchard grinding and wire EDM.

With over 30 years of experience in the vacuum tube industry, our lubricants, tooling and manufacturing processes are compatible with vacuum brazing operations.