Quality Assurance

Our parts go through rigorous inspections before leaving the facility. Our machinists use only the finest precision measuring equipment available. We have over 150 different products certified dock to stock, without being inspected when received. That is our quality assurance.

H.N. Lucas & Son's strength over the years has been customer service, priding ourselves on delivering high quality parts, on time delivery and flexibility with part design modifications and delivery adjustments to assist our customer's needs.

Our highly qualified machinists are dedicated to providing only quality and excellence to our customers. They are rated first class, capable of programming and setup on all jobs, holding tight tolerances and recognizing problems before they develop. Our employees dedication and years of experience in the machining field have helped build our reputation for excellence of our machined parts.

We value our customers, knowing they are the reason our company's success and growth over the years. We look forward to the opportunity to count your company among the many customers we have served since our beginning in 1950.